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We specialise in assisting professional growers to solve horticultural problems, from help with crop health to sustainable ways of managing your business and new ways of working. Our depth of experience coupled with key partnerships means the future of your business will always be in safe hands.

  • Expert knowledge & advice
  • Tailored to your business
  • Extensive product range

Our areas of focus

Fargro’s range of solutions encompasses three main areas of concern for businesses in the horticulture sector: crop health, sustainability and productivity. Find out more about the different ways Fargro can support your business on our detailed pages dedicated to each of these main areas, or get in touch with us with a specific issue to have one of our technical team discuss solutions with you. 

Helping you to find ways of improving your crop health, sustainability and productivity

Crop health

As any professional grower will know, a healthy growing business must maximise its yield. All growers are aware of the many factors crucial to achieving optimal plant growth and attending to all of them effectively and consistently can be a challenge. Ask us about solutions for your crop health needs. We offer support and advice on diagnostics, crop protection, nutrition, marketable yields, water and light.

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Sustainability is a key issue for both horticulture businesses and the public. We are the leading experts in providing solutions for protecting your crop against pests in a sustainable way. We offer support and advice on crop data systems, eco-friendly products, legislation requirements and the growing environment. We can work with you to future-proof your business, ensuring it will have a minimal environmental impact.

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There are many challenges to running an effective business. As veterans in the horticulture sector, we have valuable experience helping other businesses to address these challenges. We offer solutions to supply chain management, energy consumption, automation and infrastructure, as well as design and procurement services.

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Fargro Finance

Finance tailored to the horticulture industry. Learn more about our capital finance and refinance services that can help your company secure whatever it needs to grow with confidence.

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Why Fargro?

Expert knowledge & advice

If you need advice about resolving a problem with your crop, improving the yield, minimising wastage, applying a product, or any other horticultural query, just pick up the phone and ask one of our in-house experts.

Tailored to your business

Our area sales managers are on hand to support, advise and ensure you have all the support you need from us.

Extensive product range

We stock an extensive range of products that we know can be relied upon to meet your expectations.

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