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Water solutions

Proper water management not only helps horticultural businesses grow healthy crops, but also saves them money by avoiding waste and increasing efficiency. Fargro works with leaders in the field of irrigation to provide products and solutions that help your business manage its water needs.

Sustainable Water Solutions
Growing profitable crops in a sustainable manner while coping with global challenges is at the forefront of growers’ minds. All growers need to optimise their greenhouse climate and water management in order to get the best possible results from their crops. Achieving the perfect balance between greenhouse climate and sustainable water management is crucial.   

When you grow in a controlled environment with improved methods you are able to make better decisions about the most important resources: water and energy. 

What is a water management solution?

A water management solution looks at the following:

  • Ways to optimise water consumption 
  • Ways to optimise the water usage 

With careful management of these inputs, a grower can optimise their greenhouse environment and in turn optimise their yield and water usage. 

Whoptimise your water consumption?
Climate change and increased demand for water threatens to reduce the availability of mains water supply for horticulture production. Some sectors such as domestic, industrial and the environment are given preference in times of drought. Horticulture has high water requirements and maintaining the highest water quality is crucial to production. With the use of water solution technology growers can reduce, reuse and recycle their water safety as well as reduce their environmental impact. 

Why optimise your water usage?
In order to get the most out of every drop of water and minimise consumption of fertilisers, growers need to recirculate as much water as they can. It is vital to be able to treat the water properly at the beginning and at the end of the cycle. Eliminating harmful bacteria, fungi and pathogens in the water are crucial to the process and with the use of a water management solution a grower can safely and reliably optimise their water usage. 

Sustainable water management allows better-quality crop, increased production and lower energy consumption thus enhancing the overall viability of your operation. 

Fargro partner with the industry leader in water management solutions, Ridder. We believe in continuous support and as such work with growers to ensure that over time growers continue to get value from their investments in state-of-the-art technology. 

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