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At Fargro we know how advantageous automation can be to growers and other horticultural businesses. We can help your business harness the power of automation with machinery that automates key production processes.

Automation solutions

For many horticultural businesses, automation is a game changer that helps them to scale up, streamline and increase efficiency.

We also know that 
in horticulture every business is unique. Therefore, automation solutions must be tailored and add value to your organisation while remaining cost-effective. That is why we have partnered with best-in-breed state-of-the-art solution providers such as HortecCambridge HOKRidder and 30MHz to work alongside growers and create bespoke solutions that allow your business to thrive. 

What kind of automation solutions do we provide?
Examples of solutions that Fargro provide include water recycling, potting machinery, soil handling systems, trimming machines, tray automation, conveyors and more. Our technical team alongside experts from the relevant company can advise you on what our automation machinery and systems can achieve, and how they can best be utilised by your business. The bespoke solutions we design together with you can help your growing business realise its full potential. 

Fargro offers much of its automation solutions in conjunction with our partners HortecHortec are the leaders in automation machinery and systems for the horticulture sector and work together with us to ensure your business receives top support, including covering areas such as servicing and spare parts. 

On-site visits and comprehensive support ensure the transition to automation is as smooth as possible and provide you with confidence as you enhance your horticultural business with automated systems and processes. At Fargro we believe in continuous support and as such work with growers to ensure that over time growers continue to get value from their investments in state-of-the-art technology.  

Fargro solutions can also automate the monitoring of environmental conditions. Partnering with 30MHz we are able to automate the measurement of a range of conditions including, humidity, temperature, vapour pressure deficit, dew point, volumetric water content and electrical conductivity and visualise this information in real-time allowing growers to act upon information in a more streamlined and effective manner. 30MHz offer a modular and scalable platform that can be tailored to fit the needs of and add value to any growing organisation. 

Options for financing your investment in automation
We want your business to thrive while you invest in automation and machinery, which is why our support extends through to financing as well. Recognising the unique needs of your business, we offer Fargro Finance. This our financial service which, unlike traditional banks, is tailored specifically to businesses in the horticultural sectorwith arrangements such as seasonally variable repayments and help if needed to secure a loan against land, assets or buildings. Visit our Fargro Finance page or call us to learn more details. 

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