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Created by our in-house experts to share their expertise with you, navigate the links below to watch and learn. If you would like us to cover any specific subject in future videos, please get in touch.

Disease Control Webinar - December 2021

Watch our Disease Control Webinar featuring our guest speakers from Syngenta Ornamentals.

Focussing on the key foliar and root zone diseases, controls for those diseases and the biology of how these controls work.

Botrytis disease overview and control options

Find out about the symptoms of botrytis and the preventative control options available with Fargro's Technical Specialist, Alex Matthews. 

Root rot disease, identification and control (ornamentals)

Learn about the symptoms of root rot disease, how to identify and the controls available with Fargro's IPM Specialist, Stuart Mills.

Host plant defence responses

Fargro's Technical Development Manager, Ant surrage is looking at host plant defence responses specifically focusing on the product 'Romeo' and how it responds within plants, what those physiological changes then look like on the plant, why it is needed in an IPM programme and how to integrate it.

Disease management with Syngenta Ornamentals

Join Fargro's Technical Development Manager, Ant Surrage and Sygenta Ornamentals Technical Manager for the UK & Ireland, Glenn and Marcel, Technical Manager for ornamental and garden controls in Europe & Africa, as they discuss disease management.

Taegro focus

Our specialist Technical Team has created a series of in-depth videos introducing our brand new broad-spectrum biofungicide, Taegro In this series, you can expect to hear from industry experts, learn about the mode of action and technical specifications and find out about new developments within the horticulture industry.

Mapp no: 19204. Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Introducing Taegro

Duration: 14.24 minutes

Technical details and mode of action

Duration: 18.17 minutes

Q&A with Fargro's Technical Director and Technical Development Manager

Duration: 18.30 minutes

Technical videos

Created by our in-house experts to cover a range of topics from identifying pests and how to control them. Navigate the links below to find out more and get in touch if you would like us to cover a specific, specialist topic.

New solutions for plant nutrition and growth

Duration: 9 minutes

Monitoring and identification of diseases causing root rot in plants

Duration: 8 minutes

Monitoring and identifying soil pests

Duration: 7 minutes

Controlling spider mites with the use of biologicals

Duration: 13.30 minutes

Effective management of whitefly using IPM options

Duration: 10.30 minutes

The control of vine weevil using nematodes

Duration: 12 minutes