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Growing environment

From polytunnels and fruit cages to lighting, Fargro has what you need when it comes to creating the optimum growing environment. Our experts can help you figure out how to enhance your growing infrastructure in a way that fits your unique setup.

Ensure your crops are a cut above the rest with the help of the latest in growing environment technology
The more you know the more informed your decision making can be, having the tools at hand to action those decisions quickly and effectively is the key to having a growing environment that optimises plant growth and health consistently producing high-quality yields. Horticultural technologies empower growers to do just this and to produce more with less in a cost-effective manner. 

Finding the right solution for you
At Fargro we understand that every horticultural business is unique and as such, there is no one size fits all solutions, this is especially true in creating an optimal growing environment. Fargro has partnered with best-in-breed solutions offering state-of-the-art technologies who alongside us will work shoulder to shoulder with growers to create bespoke solutions that work for you. 

Here at Fargro, we can assist you to find a solution that works for you and your crops. Working alongside a range of companies such as Cambridge HOK, Ridder, Signify and Northern Polytunnels, we can create tailor-made bespoke systems for your business. 

Get better quality and uniformity while reducing inputs. 
An optimised growing environment is critical in the prevention of crop health issues and sets a firm base for an effective integrated pest management programme. Ensuring environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity and light are suitable for the crop with aid in the health development to produce strong and robust plants that are better placed to deal with stressful events, pest infestations and disease development. 

A healthy plant sets a firm base for an IPM programme. By setting this firm base and maintaining excellent cultural, mechanical and physical controls a grower can reduce the need for crop protection inputs and supports the efficacy of IPM compatible products such as microbiological controls and biopesticides. 

Meet your sustainability goals. 


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