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Fargro Finance: Q&A with our finance expert Patrick Esseboom

How does Fargro finance work? 
Fargro finance works as an independent finance broker, we facilitate commercial loans for our customers, we are able to offer loans to professional growers and horticulturalists who require investments to grow their business, for example, to finance machinery and equipment.

What products have Fargro helped to finance for our customers?  
We provide finance for a myriad of things but most typically for polytunnels, LED lighting, potting machines, vans, boilers, transplanters, floor sweepers, fogging machines and working capital.

How does Fargo finance differ from a bank’s finance options?  
At Fargro finance we understand the horticultural industry, which means we are able to include a seasonal curve in repayment schedules. Consequently, this level of finance is less risk-averse. Fargro finance is able to offer repayment rates that are much more flexible to the grower, even during the winter season when business is typically slower. I will guide you through the application process. I can be contacted at any time with no need for a call centre.

What kind of finance options are available to growers?
Depending on the financial background and credit history of your company we can look at any option which suits you as long as you are credible and the loan will be repaid.   
How long does the process take from the initial conversation? 
It depends on the complexity and the amount requested along with your financial status, but If the loan is straightforward it can be done in a day. More complex cases can take a couple of weeks or longer. We are able to advise on these time frames based on the initial discussion and the outcomes of the checks required. 
Who is Fargo finance available to? 
Fargro finance is predominantly focused on supporting businesses within the horticultural sector, finance is also available to anyone looking for a commercial loan. As with all financial lenders, loans are approved depending on the client’s financial strength and history. For customers with riskier credit histories or with poor credit rates, we can look beyond the standard lenders, however, there is an increased cost for these clients. 
Are there any options for re-financing in the winter months when business is slower?   
Fargro finance offers refinancing options throughout the year. Refinancing an asset for cash flow issues due to seasonality is seen as risky and can therefore be difficult as the length of the loan often surpasses the next slow season. You are welcome to discuss your business options and circumstances with us, and we will advise on the best recourse available in your situation. 
Tell us a bit more about Fargo Finance in your own words? 
Fargro Finance was created because we recognised that our customers have a real appetite for growing their businesses. They don’t have time to deal with the traditional banks who insist that you speak to a faceless call centre, and much preferred dealing with someone they know and trust. We work with lenders who are used to businesses with seasonal fluctuations and therefore this barrier is reduced from the get-go.  
Fargro has been able to secure funding for many horticultural sector purchases where a seasonal payment curve has been incorporated. Although Fargro Finance is a commercial entity, it is very much designed with a personal touch.

To find out how Fargo Finance can help your business to grow, please contact Patrick Esseboom via or 01903 258158