Ensuring Compliance with Official Controls (Plant Protection Products) 2020 Regulations

Ensuring Compliance with Official Controls (Plant Protection Products) 2020 Regulations
For all businesses and individuals involved in the manufacturing, distribution, or use of Plant Protection Products (PPPs), the Official Controls (Plant Protection Products) 2020 regulations mandate that all entities in this sector must register on the government portal.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and Pesticide Enforcement Officers (PEOs) have been actively ensuring compliance among prominent manufacturers and distributors of chemicals. They are now expanding their focus to include end users and onward sellers in their compliance programs.

The HSE may arrive without notice and can enter any premises not used mainly as a private dwelling. The aim is to ensure safety, protect consumers, and safeguard the environment.
The Official Controls (Plant Protection Products) Regulations 2020: policy statement.

Common Compliance Issues
Among the frequent reasons for failing compliance inspections are:

  • Storage and use of outdated or illegal PPP's: Using products that are no longer approved or have exceeded their expiry dates.
  • Inappropriate storage facilities: Not adhering to guidelines for safe storage of chemical products.
How Fargro can help
Fargro is committed to helping you prepare for compliance audits. We offer a chemical disposal service to assist you in disposing of outdated PPPs and ensuring your storage facilities meet regulatory standards.

Disposal service
Fargro has teamed up with a fully licensed chemical disposal company to provide this service.
  • Site visit and removal: The disposal company will visit your site, weigh and remove all non-compliant products.
  • Waste transfer notice: You will receive a detailed waste transfer notice for your records.
  • Starting at £200: For up to 10kgs/litres of product.
  • Per Kilo Rates: From just £6.00 per additional kilogram/litre.
Next Steps
  1. Review your inventory: Assess your current stock of PPPs and identify any outdated or non-compliant products.
  2. Register your interest: Click the link below to register your interest in our disposal service.
  3. Provide detailed inventory: Submit a detailed list of your redundant materials.
  4. Receive a quotation: Get a no-obligation quotation for your disposal needs.


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