Withdrawal of plant protection products: Subdue

Subdue withdrawal notice set for March 31st 2024

This withdrawal notice has been signed by the Health and Safety Executive for and on behalf of the Secretary of State, the Welsh Ministers and the Scottish Ministers. 

Following a GB consideration, it has been concluded that Subdue will be withdrawn on 31st March 2024 for the sale and distribution of existing stock and 31st December 2024 for the disposal, storage and use of existing stock.

Subdue is a systemic fungicide with protective and curative activity for controlling root rot diseases in ornamental crops and flower bulbs.

While the withdrawal of Subdue is by 31st March 2024 there is an extended “use up” period which runs until 31st December 2024.

Subdue has shown excellent performance for controlling fungal (oomycete) pathogens, so if you will need to order additional products before the sale end date, please order now to ensure you have sufficient product to apply throughout the use up period.

Act early and order while stocks last to ensure you have sufficient product to use throughout the use up period.

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Subdue Fungicide 250ml

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