TEC-BOM is a biopesticide containing 41.62% w/v potassium salts of fatty acid. TEC-BOM is based on a range of saponified vegetable oils. These oils have been selected for their control of key pests and softness to the plant. 
TEC-BOM has a powerful contact mode of action. Once contacted TEC-BOM will desiccate a pest’s exoskeleton. This desiccation will then lead to suffocation and dehydration, ultimately leading to pest death. 
Why use TEC-BOM  

  • Contains no animal fats 
  • Excellent activity against whitefly 
  • Dissolves the exoskeleton of soft-bodied pests, by altering cell membranes causing death by suffocation and dehydration 
  • Leaves no chemical residues 
  • Acceptable in organic production (subject to certification body approval) 
  • Wetting and cleansing effect 

TEC-BOM is a purely contact acting bioinsecticide, as such contact with the pest is key. As contact is key, it is critical to think about crop coverage and appropriate water volumes during application. Efforts should be made to cover all leaf surfaces and when treating for cryptic pests, and where possible, the underside of the leaf should also be treated. Crop architecture and pest behaviours can influence contact of the pest.   

TEC-BOM is labelled for the control of whitefly, both Trialeurodes vaporariorum and Bemisia tabaci 

Wider trials have shown that TEC-BOM has a broad spectrum of activity on a range of soft-bodied pest such as; whitefly, aphids, mites and psylla. 

TEC-BOM will not offer a significant control of lepidopteran spp. and beetles 

  • TEC-BOM is a fatty acid from food-grade vegetable products 
  • High physical and chemical stability, no multiphase emulsion  
  • Genuine pesticidal soap, activity not due to co-formulants 
  • Effective against soft-bodied pests   
  • A soft soap, very soft on the plant 

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