DCM Minigran Fertlisers

DCM has over 40 years of experience in developing, producing, and marketing organic and organic-mineral fertilisers. 
How does it work?
DCM's unique mini-granule, MINIGRAN®, ensures a uniform and better distribution of the fertiliser or soil improver. Studies have shown that this distribution is 60% more effective, resulting in better rooting and better plant growth compared to fertilisers in crumble or pellet form. This makes these unique micro-granules perfect for special applications: mixing into fine substrates giving precision fertilisation.

Controlled organic release
The nutrient release time of the DCM fertiliser has been measured by several laboratories to characterise the duration of effectiveness of its 100% organic release. The organic components of each individual product enable the release of nutrients over time.

Microbial soil conditioners
Diverse and active soil life is the best guarantee for well-balanced soil. Only under optimal conditions will microbial soil life be able to fully develop. DCM organic fertilisers can improve root development by stimulating soil life.

Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use. 

Fargro has been conducting trials over the past 2 years with DCM Minigran Fertilisers. These trials have shown significant improvements in rooting and product quality.

Ferring Nursery - Trial
"DCM minigran technology has meant a new level of excellence in producing outstanding quality plants. From bedding to tree production, we have experienced a whole new level of plant excellence. I find DCM very easy to use with a one-step easy application." - Mike Harwood, Ferring Nursery

Viking Nurseries - Trial 
"Having DCM ECO-XTRA 1 incorporated into our substrate has considerably improved rooting across all our crops. I believe giving plants balanced organic nutrition in the early stages of root development is vital to overall plant health." - Richard Nuttall, MCI Hort Crop Protection Manager, Viking Nurseries Ltd