Beeline Bee Hives  Bombus terrestris spp. audax 
These hives contain a species of bee native to the UK and may be used on protected and outdoor crops to improve pollination. The hives and their number should be matched to the type of crop, area and flower numbers. Pollination is typically used in a range of protected crops such as tomato, pepper, aubergine, strawberry, raspberry, berried ornamentals and for seed production. Introduce when pollination is required. A door lock system may be closed at night when the bees have returned to the hive to keep them in. Under normal conditions the hives are maintenance free and, depending on type, will remain active for several weeks. 
Tomato Hive
  • Contains one queen and 60 workers and brood in all stages
  • Sugar water within the box but beneath the inner hive ensures bees have a plentiful supply of liquids
  • Suitable for tomatoes, aubergines and crops for seed production 
Soft Fruit Hive
  • Contains one queen and approximately 80 workers
  • A faster acting hive with a shorter life. Used on soft and top fruit
  • Also available as a triple hive, the outer box contains three hives 
Compact Soft Fruit Hive
  • Contains a queen and approximately 35-50 workers plus brood
  • For use on smaller areas when a full size hive may cause over-pollination 
Beeline Pollen
  • Freeze dried pollen may be used if there is insufficient flowers or pollen for the bees 

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