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T34 Biocontrol Fungicide 250g

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Biofungicide for growing media treatment. For reduction of Fusarium oxysorum f.sp.dianthi on carnations and Pythium on tomato, pepper, chilli and aubergine. EAMUs for other crops.


T34 Biocontrol Fungicide 250g is an approved plant professional protection product.

Use plant protection products safely.

Always read the label and product information before use. Further detail on warning symbols and phrases is included on the labels and leaflets.

Contains 12 % w/w (1.0x10^12 cfu/kg) Trichoderma asperellum, strain T34..

It is a criminal offence to use pesticides authorised for professional use without the appropriate certificate and It is a criminal offence to purchase pesticides authorised for professional use for someone else to use if the user does not hold the relevant certificate of competence (unless the intended end user is working under supervision of a certificated person for the purposes of training.

This is the summary of the available EAMUs for Fargro nationally distributed products.

There are a limited number of situations in which a pesticide (and this may be an insecticide, fungicide, plant growth regulator or herbicide) may be used outside the terms of its approved label. Copies of individual EAMU documents are available from the Chemicals Regulation Directorate website.

Extension of Authorisation for Minor Use (EAMU)

1805 of 2016Permanent protection with full enclosure: cucumber, gherkin, courgette and summer squash, melon, winter squash, and pumpkin.Fusarium and Pythium  
1808 of 2016  Permanent protection with full enclosure: strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, loganberry, Rubus hybrid, bilberry, blackcurrant, redcurrant, blueberry, cranberry, elderberry, gooseberry, mulberry, rose hips.
Fusarium and Pythium  
1809 of 2016  Permanent protection with full enclosure: leafy vegetables and fresh herbs including: lettuce, lambs lettuce, endive, baby leaf crops, watercress, spinach, spinach beet. Protected propagating material crops of: broccoli/calabrese, Brussels sprout, cabbage, cauliflower, choi sum, collard, kale, kohlrabi, oriental cabbage.  Fusarium and Pythium
1810 of 2016
Protected forest nursery and ornamental plant production.Fusarium and Pythium

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