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Exhibitline SF (Steinernema feltiae) Box of 250million

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Technical Comments

The adult sciarid flies are commonly found making short hops over the compost surface. Adults can spread fungal diseases but most damage is caused by the larval stage feeding on plant roots making them vulnerable to disease infections such as Pythium and other damping off diseases.

Activity / Control

Sciarid fly larvae and other compost / soil living pests including leatherjackets where nematodes can enter the host body. Can also be used as a foliar spray for Western Flower Thrips, leaf miner and scale insect control. Nematodes swim freely through moist compost (but they can drown if waterlogged), they are attracted to insect larvae and enter the body where a pellet of bacteria is released that kills the pest organism. When applying foliar sprays for the control of thrips, leaf minor and scale insect the nematodes swim through films of water seeking out their prey.


Ornamental, edible and landscape

Application Method

Generally as a curative treatment or programmed application for each batch of plants. The temperature range is 10°C to 30°C. Applied as a drench for the control of sicarid fly larvae and leatherjack and as a foliar spray for thrips, leaf miner and scale insect.


Contains the insect pathogenic nematode as infective juveniles. A special formulation for foliar application by high volume spraying for the control of adult female Western Flower Thrips. The nematodes swim through a film of water and attack the female thrips. Larvae are not always attacked but pupae frequently are. Also controls leafminer.