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Amblyline CU (Amblyseius cucumeris) Bran-Free 5lt Bag of 250,000

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Application Rate

50 - 250 mites per m2. Introductions: repeat fortnightly dependent on monitoring and conditions.


0.9 kg

Technical Comments

Two species of thrips are commonly found on protected crops: Western Flower Thrips (WFT), (Frankliniella occidentalis) and Onion or Tobacco Thrips (Thrips tabaci). Larvae and adults pierce the leaf surface and suck out cell contents causing extensive 'silvering'. WFT can also transmit Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus on chrysanthemums and many other crops. Other species of thrips are also being found, particularly on specimen plants. If in doubt send a sample to Fargro. There is a pheromone for monitoring of Western Flower Thrips (see pheromone traps).

Activity / Control

Most thrips species. Also Tarsonemid mite (good control on cyclamen and strawberry) and broad mite. Feeds on young thrips larvae, and in the absence of thrips, on pollen.

Application Method

Always use preventatively on peppers, cucumbers, pot and bedding plants, strawberries and cyclamen.


(Formerly Amblyseius cucumeris). Predatory mite that feeds on most species of young thrips larvae, and in the absence of thrips, on pollen.