Taegro approved for use in organic systems

Taegro, a broad spectrum biofungicide can now be used within organic systems to protect your crop against diseases such as Alternaria (Alternaria brassicaicola), Botrytis (Botrytis cinerea), downy mildew (Plasmopara obducens), powdery mildew and sclerotinia (Sclerotinia sclerotium).

Taegro, protects crops by producing metabolites which have disease suppressing qualities, eliciting defensive responses from the plant and competing for space and nutrients on the leaf surface. Taegro offers powerful broad-spectrum protection, enabling growers to save time and money by reducing the number of products required to protect against various diseases.

 Ant Surrage, Fargro's Technical Development Manager says “We are delighted to add another highly effective biofungicide to organic growers’ toolkits. Taegro will help organic growers protect their crops against a range of foliar diseases in a sustainable way. We look forward to working with growers alongside Syngenta to integrate Taegro into a crop protection programme.”

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