Switch - New crops

Switch is a mixture of two active ingredients, cyprodinil and fludioxonil, both of which have different modes of action. Switch provides excellent control of Botrytis and has additional activity against a range of other diseases. Switch has long-lasting protectant and systemic activity and the two active ingredients provide a built-in resistance management mechanism.  

The combination of cyprodinil and fludioxonil provides effective disease protection on the leaf surface, along with systemic movement within the plant to target disease. Wet, warm conditions conducive to Botrytis can cause a rapid build-up of disease at any time of the season, with crops particularly susceptible during showery weather or following irrigation. Switch provides growers with an extremely effective botryticide, which also controls black spot (Colletotrichum acutatum), Sclerotinia, Alternaria and has some activity on powdery mildew.  

Switch has on-label approval for use on fresh beans/peas for a range of diseases and outdoor and protected strawberries for the control of Botrytis, Sclerotinia, Mycosphaerella, Ascochyta and Colletrotrichum (refer to label for details). A number of SOLAs have also been approved for both outdoor and protected edible crops. Switch can be used on ornamental crops under the Long Term Arrangements for Extension of Use (LTAEU).  

User Reports: 
HDC trial FV 294 Outdoor Lettuce 
Switch came out top for Botrytis. Switch showed the best results on Botrytis control on field lettuce compared to other treatments in a recent trial. 

Bell Brothers Nurseries Ltd 
Bell Brothers are a 15-acre pot/bedding nursery supplying into the leading supermarkets with quality second to none. Disease such as Botrytis can have a devastating effect on the quality of these crops and therefore the use of chemicals such as Switch is necessary to avoid this problem. Neil Chambers Technical Manager at Bell Bros comments that "Before Switch was used the nursery had issues in using other products to control Botrytis." "Moreover alternative products in the market place tended to leave a residue on the leaves." He adds "that since using Switch in a programme Botrytis has virtually been eliminated, there are no issues with residues on the leaves and Switch can help control other fungal infections." Neil also comments that "flower size and strength are also noticeably larger and stronger giving an overall higher class of quality. Switch is competitively priced and the nursery will continue to use this for their main Botrytis management control". 

Steve Ulrich Independent Consultant 
Steve reports excellent control when Switch was applied on very soft Senetti plants in January when light levels were low. "The spate of dull weather coincided with extensive sporulation of Botrytis down the Senetti stems". "A 60 gram /100 litre Switch application was extremely effective in clearing up the infection with no adverse effects on the plant". "A very impressive result" commented Steve. 

Switch is a water-dispersible granule formulation containing 37.5% w/w cyprodinil and 25% w/w fludioxonil. | Switch is a trademark of a Syngenta group company. 

May 2008