SB Plant Invigorator: a pesticide/mildewcide for use on edible and non-edible crops

When presented with a pest infestation, it is essential to determine what is required to bring the pest species under control, and sometimes the answer is to spray with an insecticide. Integrating a spray programme alongside biological controls requires a product featuring a short persistence without harming biological controls when used at the recommended rates, effectively bringing the pest populations down to manageable levels.
SB Plant Invigorator (SBPI) washes crop-invading pests through a physical mode of action, and is an environmentally friendly and economical way to control a wide range of important pest species. 
Trials have shown SBPI is effective against a variety of pest species, including: Aphid (multiple species), whitefly, spider mite, mealybugs, hard scale, soft scale, bay sucker psyllids, and powdery mildew.
Why use SBPI?

• A unique blend of plant safe, physical pest control surfactants
• Physical mode of action to control pests and powdery mildew
• Suitable for use on edible and ornamental crops
• No harvest interval
• Suitable for use throughout the year
• Compatible with IPM Programmes and beneficial insects when used at the recommended rates

SBPI is a highly effective control for the common fungal disease powdery mildew. It works by providing a non-chemical and non-biological action against the pathogen by physically washing the spores from the leaves. 
For effective control, thorough and regular applications of SBPI must be applied to the whole plant and to the point of run-off on leaves, ensuring both the upper and lower leaf surfaces receive treatment. 

Regular applications of SBPI can also aid in the control of established powdery mildew infestations, although damage from the disease may remain visible on older leaves. 

Comments from Growers:  
"Having used SBPI on strawberries, raspberries and tayberries, I have found it the most comprehensive product we have ever used."   
"The product not only stimulates the crop it controls whitefly and red spider".  
"SB Plant Invigorator results have been extraordinary and far superior to other recognised pesticides that I have previously used".  
"The product is beyond expectations and has resulted in a vast reduction in our use of more expensive and hazardous chemicals". 
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SB Plant Invigorator Commercial Strength 5lt

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