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New EAMU for Taegro

Taegro has been approved for use across ornamental plant production.

Taegro, a broad spectrum biofungicide can now be used to protect your ornamental plants against diseases such as Alternaria (Alternaria brassicaicola), Botrytis (Botrytis cinerea), downy mildew (Plasmopara obducens), powdery mildew and sclerotinia (Sclerotinia sclerotium) with a new EAMU as of September 2022.

Taegro, protects crops by producing metabolites which have disease suppressing qualities, eliciting defensive responses from the plant and competing for space and nutrients on the leaf surface. Taegro offers powerful broad-spectrum protection, enabling growers to save time and money by reducing the number of products required to protect against various diseases.

Taegro protects ornamental crops by:

• Producing metabolites with disease suppressing qualities
• Priming the plants disease defence mechanisms
• Competing for space and nutrients

Taegro has a benign environmental profile, is harmless to beneficial insects and pollinators, offers a low risk of developing resistance and is fit for organic programmes.

Dr. Joshua Burnstone, Fargro Technical Director, says, “We are delighted to add another highly-effective and innovative plant protection tool to the ornamental growers’ toolkit. Taegro will help growers to address the challenges of foliar diseases while optimising yields and improving quality. It’s easy to handle, can be stored at room temperature and can be applied at any growth stage.” 

Daniel Lightfoot, Syngenta’s Commercial Head for Europe North West adds “We have a great relationship with Fargro and we are delighted our partnership with them has enabled us to develop the product successfully to support the Ornamentals sector. Fargro’s expert knowledge and experience of how Taegro works will help growers protect crops against foliar diseases will allow them to seamlessly integrate Taegro into their crop protection programme”.

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EAMU number: 20222404
For the control of: alternaria (Alternaria brassicaicola), botrytis (Botrytis cinerea), downy mildew (Plasmopara obducens), powdery mildew, sclerotinia (Sclerotinia sclerotium)

MAPP number 19204. Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use. Further detail on warning symbols and phrases is included on the labels and leaflets.

Neither the efficacy nor the phytotoxicity of the product for which this Extension of authorisation has been granted has been assessed and, as such, the user bears the risk in respect of failures concerning its efficacy and phytotoxicity.

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For more information on how to include Taegro as part of your IPM programme, please call our team on 01903 256856 or email technical@fargro.co.uk

Taegro technical videos

Watch an in-depth video series created by our specialist Technical Team on the broad-spectrum biofungicide, Taegro. In this series, you can expect to hear from industry experts and learn about the mode of action and technical specifications, as well as the new developments within the horticulture industry.

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