Nemasys-L is a curative treatment for use in temperatures above 5 degrees

Vine Weevil (Otiorynchus sulcatus) is one of the most serious pests seen on ornamental nurseries. It is a constant threat, especially in hardy nursery stock, as adults can arrive on-site from any number of sources, including bought-in plants, and establish a population. Once on-site numbers can build rapidly over a year or two, and if not kept in check can cause considerable damage. 

If larvae are found within your pots it will be necessary to apply a curative drench treatment of nematodes.  When used correctly nematodes can provide an excellent corrective treatment effect. Studies and experience have shown control levels in excess of 90% in many cases. Success however is based very much on correct timing and application. 

In stock Nemasys L (Steinernema kraussei) Tray of 250million

Nemasys L (Steinernema kraussei) Tray of 250million

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