MENNO Florades

Introducing the first-ever UK approved plant protection disinfectant, a game-changing solution that's revolutionised European horticulture! This powerful broad-spectrum disinfectant targets fungi, bacteria, viruses, and viroids, ensuring the utmost protection for your non-edible crops.

Embrace the future of your glasshouses, polytunnels, and storerooms through our rigorously-tested, long-lasting formula that eradicates resistant threats without leaving damaging residues. Our eco-friendly solution also respects your greenhouse's ecosystem, ensuring the safety of beneficial insects and mites when used correctly.

The flexible application adds extra convenience - disinfect knives, equipment, hard surfaces, pots, irrigation beds, and capillary matting without harmful residues. Say goodbye to traditional disinfection methods and hello to expert protection with our industry-leading plant protection disinfectant.

MENNO Florades is a soluble concentrate containing 90g /l benzoic acid. | MENNO Florades is a registered trade marks of a MENNO Chemie GMBH. MENNO Florades is patented patent number EP 1124415.

In stock Menno Florades Horticultural Disinfectant 10lt

Menno Florades Horticultural Disinfectant 10lt

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