MENNO Florades

A special disinfectant widely used in European horticulture is released as the first approved plant protection disinfectant in the UK.

  • Effective broad-spectrum disinfectant is active against fungi, bacteria, viruses and viroids.
  • Approved for and safe to use in glasshouses, polytunnels and stores containing or to contain non-edible crops.
  • Tested to the standards required for a modern pesticide product.
  • Remains active over a long period of time which enables control of resistant forms but without harmful residues.
  • Safe to beneficial insects and mites, when used as directed.
  • Plants can be placed on treated surfaces once dry.
  • No gaseous hazards during use as directed.
  • Use for disinfection of knives, equipment, hard surfaces, pots, irrigation mats/beds capillary matting.
  • Favourable toxicological and ecological profile. 

MENNO Florades is released as the first approved plant protection disinfectant. This comes at an important time for the industry with the loss of plant protection commodity substance approval for formaldehyde and imminent loss of the commodity substance approval for peroxyacetic acid.  

In Europe, disinfectants for plant disease control are regulated as crop protection products and require approval.

MENNO Florades is a soluble concentrate containing 90g /l benzoic acid. | MENNO Florades is a registered trade marks of a MENNO Chemie GMBH. MENNO Florades is patented patent number EP 1124415.

June 2010 

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Menno Florades Horticultural Disinfectant 10lt

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