Fargro partners with CambridgeHOK to bring best-in-breed solutions

CambridgeHOK is a forward-thinking, dynamic engineering, energy and construction company that specialises in the design and development of commercial glasshouses and automated vertical farming centres. CambridgeHOK consistently delivers energy-efficient innovations across the UK, bringing cost savings in excess of 25% through innovative combined heat and power systems. Across four divisions, and with a purpose-built manufacturing facility in the heart of Yorkshire, their team includes talented and experienced structural engineers, mechanical cooling and ventilation engineers, computer control engineers, electrical engineers, project managers, designers, skilled installers and factory operatives. 
"Fargro is pleased to be working with such a diverse and forward-thinking company within the horticultural sector, we’re confident that this partnership will provide fantastic solutions for our customers and know they will be in good hands because of their passion for the industry.”  
- Dan PullingFargro Sales Director   
Giving growers access to our innovative solutions is something we’re passionate about at Cambridge HOK, it’s important for growers to speak to growers, this means we understand their requirements from a personal level and can provide unprecedented access to expert products which will provide the right solutions for their businesses. We are excited to be working with Fargro, who are at the heart of horticulture in the UK with an extensive network of clients we can look to provide solutions to." - Alan Frampton, Sales Manager South

Highest standards of manufacture and service.  
Whether glass, polycarbonate, impact-resistant or insulated claddings, all glasshouses are produced at CambridgeHOK in full accordance with relevant regulations, due to our commitment to quality and always meeting the highest standards. Choose from the portal frame, Venlo, traditional widespan, curved roof, full opening roofs or netted structures, all of which will be manufactured and constructed in full accordance with Building Regulations. 

  • Climate control 
  • Computer Controls and Business Data 
  • Efficient Electrical Systems 
  • LED Lighting 
  • Irrigation 
  • Screening