AQ10® New Biopesticide for the control of powdery mildew

Traditionally these diseases have been managed with a range of fungicide ingredients with different modes of action in conjunction with environmental controls and mildew-resistant varieties. Recently the first powdery-mildew specific biological control product was approved in the UK and will be marketed exclusively by Fargro Ltd under the brand name AQ10®.  

The product provides a reduction in powdery mildew disease severity when applied as a spray application to crops before the disease becomes established. AQ10 is currently approved for use in a range of protected crops including aubergine, cucumber, strawberry and tomato, but an extension of use to ornamentals is planned. Fargro also anticipates gaining approval for the use of AQ10® in organic crops in the near future. AQ10® is already widely used in the USA, Egypt, Germany, Greece, Italy, Slovenia, South Africa and Switzerland, where the product has been applied to control various powdery mildew pathogens in crops ranging from roses to grapevines.  

The biopesticide AQ10 is a new powdery mildew management tool that offers growers an opportunity to rationalise their use of chemical fungicides, help manage pesticide residues in food crops and reduce the threat of resistance development to fungicides. The product has a zero-day harvest interval. AQ10® should always be used as a component of an integrated disease management strategy incorporating chemical and cultural techniques where possible. AQ10® is safe for all beneficial insects and mites and bees used for pollination.  

May 2012

AQ10® is a water-dispersible granule containing 58% w/w Ampelomyces quisqualis strain M-10 (minimum of 5.0 x 109 spores/g). | AQ10 is a registered trademark of Intrachem International.

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AQ10 Bio Fungicide 30g

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