AQ10® New Biopesticide for the control of powdery mildew

Discover AQ10®, an exciting innovation in tackling powdery mildew diseases that has gained approval in the UK. Exclusively marketed by Fargro Ltd, this trailblazing biological control product offers an effective reduction in disease severity when applied to crops before infestation occurs. Designed for use on protected crops like aubergine, cucumber, strawberry, and tomato, AQ10® is destined to expand its applications to ornamentals, with organic crop approval anticipated in the near future. Experience the transformative power of AQ10® for a healthier, more bountiful yield.

Discover the wonders of AQ10®, the innovative biopesticide that's revolutionising powdery mildew management in agriculture! Already a trusted ally for growers in countries like the USA, Egypt, and Switzerland, this versatile product is ensuring the health of crops from roses to grapevines.

Join the future of farming by embracing AQ10® to not only rationalise chemical fungicide usage but also reduce resistance development and manage pesticide residues. With a zero-day harvest interval, this eco-friendly solution promises to integrate seamlessly into your disease management strategy, keeping your crops thriving. You can trust AQ10® to work in harmony with beneficial insects and mites, while still safeguarding the environment.

AQ10® is a water-dispersible granule containing 58% w/w Ampelomyces quisqualis strain M-10 (minimum of 5.0 x 109 spores/g). | AQ10 is a registered trademark of Intrachem International.

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