Fargro launches financial solutions for growers

For a business to thrive, it needs the right support. Whether by helping you to find the right product, or giving growing advice, supporting British growers is our mission.  

Having worked with the same group of businesses for decades, and across generations, we’ve built long-term, trusted relationships. Having these relationships has allowed us to realise that banks do not offer the kind of flexible finance that growers need.   

Whatever your financial need, we are here to help.  

Capital finance – flexible repayments to suit your business
Working with hand-picked specialist lenders to find the right borrowing arrangements for your business. A Fargro finance broker will work with you to identify your financial needs and flexible, seasonally phased repayments that work within the constraints of the crop cycle and take the pressure off your business.  

Refinance - make the most of the assets you already own
Maybe you aren’t happy with your current financial arrangements, or you need to free up some cash in order to make an investment in the latest smart technology, machinery or automation system. We can help you to refinance an existing loan, organise equity release on existing assets or secure a loan against land or building.   

What our customers have to say about Fargro Finance
"As a family-run, wholesale nursery, managing cash flow is vital for the success of our business. This year we needed to invest in an upgrade to our equipment, including a new potting machine, tray de-stacker and polytunnel.   

Fargro Finance was excellent in finding us the most competitive loan on the market to suit our needs and help us achieve these objectives. We would highly recommend them to anyone within the market looking for suitable finance options".  

 Debbie Turner, Owner and Accounts Manager
"We recently took ownership of Durleighmarsh Farm Shop, a family-run farm shop, and ‘pick-your-own, offering a huge range of top quality fruit and vegetables throughout the year.  

We quickly realised that we would need to invest in a new polytunnel for the business, but, having recently bought the business, we’d need a loan in order to make this improvement. Fargro helped us to put the financing in place. The team were quick to understand why investment in this project was critical to our business. They processed our application fast to allow us to benefit from having the polytunnel installed at the best time during the growing season, so we could maximise yield, al- lowing us to continue to build the business with minimum disruption and maximising our income".  

Paul Abbott, Durleighmarsh Farm Shop
We are putting personal relationships back into business finance and are confident we’ll be able to find the right solution for you.  

Fargro Finance

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