At last a versatile health product for gardens

Aphids on the roses, mildew on the brassicas - we can't avoid pests and diseases in our gardens but what we’d like is safe and easy to use products that control a wide range of problems in just one spray. Is that too much to ask? There are products that claim to do wonders in the garden but fail to deliver. Now at last we have one that really does work on a wide of pests. SB Plant invigorator (SBPI) is the most versatile pesticide and mildewcide product on the market and is a unique blend of plant-safe physical pest and disease control surfactants. Non-toxic and safe on all edible and ornamental crops, this highly beneficial health product will improve leaf colour and appearance whilst controlling Spider Mite, Aphid, White Fly and Mealybug! Pleasingly these pests never build up any kind of tolerance to SBPI due to its physical mode of action. Week by week application of SB Plant Invigorator works to wipe out pests, prevent and treat mildew problems and provide valuable nutrition as a foliar feed. 

The secret is to apply SBPI (diluted as per the instructions) very thoroughly to both upper and lower leaf surfaces to the point of run-off from the leaves. For some very susceptible plants and trickier problem pests like woolly aphids, weekly applications may be necessary to make sure that any survivors cannot build up again due to their rapid rate of reproduction. 

SBPI was invented, trialled and is manufactured on the Channel Island of Guernsey, renowned as a centre of horticultural excellence. A number of independent studies have shown that SBPI can be highly effective at controlling a number of problem pests and also powdery mildew. For example, recent trials at East Malling fruit research station in Kent have demonstrated to commercial growers looking for alternative products to control apple powdery mildew that SBPI gave very promising results. 

By Joanna Wood