Winter Webinar: Controlling Thrips

Thrips are one of the most common pest issues growers of a range of crops face. These cryptic pests cause damage as both larvae and adults piercing the leaf surface and sucking out cell contents causing extensive 'silvering' and fruit damage. Some thrips can also transmit many viruses to crops.

In 2022 our agronomists have seen thrips becoming a greater issue for growers as warmer temperatures have led to increased pressure from different species that are not effectively controlled by a WFT programme.

Join us for the first of our winter webinars covering aspects of thrips control. Our technical experts will look at the importance of cultural and hygiene controls, which biological controls are required and how to fully utilise them as well as how to integrate biopesticides into a thrips control programme.

The webinar will be approximately 1 hour (10-11am) and will cover:​

• Cultural and Hygiene controls to prevent pests with Technical Development Specialist, Jack Haslam
• Thrips control with Biopesticides with Technical Specialist, Alex Matthews
• Macrobiological controls for thrips with Technical Development Manager, Ant Surrage

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