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A Practical IPM Guide to Controlling Vine Weevil on Ornamental Nurseries:

  • Understanding the pest
  • What to look for
  • When to act
  • What control options are available
  • An example programme for control
Black vine weevil (Otiorynchus sulcatus) is one of the most serious pests seen on ornamental nurseries. As a native species it is endemic to the whole of the British Isles and can be commonly found in woodlands and hedgerows. As such it is a constant threat, especially in HNS, as adults can arrive on site from any number of sources and establish a population.

Once on site numbers can build rapidly over a year or two, and if not kept in check can cause considerable damage. This practical guide is intended to give growers an overview of the options and tools they can use to deal with vine weevils before they become a problem.

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