August 2007

Imidasect 5GR - New Product.

A new granular insecticide containing imidacloprid, a proven standard for compost incorporation. Controls vine weevil, aphid, whitefly and sciarid fly in protected containerised ornamental crops.
  • A highly effective growing media incorporated systemic insecticide.
  • Provides up to twelve months control of vine weevil and sciarid fly and up to three months control of aphids and whitefly in containerised ornamental crops.
  • Incorporated pre-potting into peat-based composts of protected container-grown ornamental plants to provide protection throughout the production cycle and potentially beyond.
  • May give useful reductions in other pests including mealybug and leafminers.

Product Information for Imidasect 5GR
a granular insecticide containing 50g/kg imidacloprid. | Imidasect is a Trade Mark of Bioscientific Healthcare Ltd.