Crop Talk:

Our national newsletter is sent out to professional growers and includes updates on our new product developments as well as reviews and testimonials on the performance of our products with growers.

Latest Issue:

Autumn 2017:

In this issue you can learn and read about some great product updates such as:
  • EndoSan - The Importance of Water Biosecurity for Crops
  • Flipper - An effective new bioinsecticide and araricide
  • ISONET T - A mating disruption pheromone for the reduction of damage caused by Tutu absoluta on tomato, pepper and aubergine
  • New exciting requisite range
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Summer 2016:

In this issue you can learn about our new facility and the new staff that have joined the team and read about some great product updates such as:
  • Naturalis-L - An in-depth look at this leading biopesticide and how it can be incorporated into IPM programmes
  • T34 - A new label brings new disease control options for growers of protected edible crops
  • AQ-10 - Working closely with the product manufacturer to bring you the latest recommendations
  • Imidasect 5GR - A systemic insecticide for incorporation into composts including peat-reduced and peat-free mixes) and it remains a key product for the control of Vine Weevil, Whitefly, Aphids and Sciarid Flies.
  • Lepinox Plus - A biological insecticide for the control of caterpillars
  • Configure - New to the UK market, a growth regulator for ornamental crops
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Spring / Summer 2015:

This issue features two new products. Mosskade a 100% natural product for use against Liverwort and voted winner of the "Best Professional Product" at Four Oaks Trade Show 2014, plus BlocCade that provides a physical coating against infection caused by bacteria and fungi.

Met52 performs well in the fight against Vine Weevil at Wyevale, AQ10 for powdery mildew, plus T34 as used by Botany Bay Nurseries and Delamore Young Plants in their fight against broad spectrum disease control in their ornamental crops. Plus much more

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Spring 2014:

T34 Biocontrol: Robust performance from the UK’s only registered Trichoderma product. (Pages 4 - 5)
Met52: The basis for Vine Weevil control in the UK HONS sector. (Page 2 - 3)
AQ10: Reviews from growers are positive. (Page 6)
GrowCareers & IPP/HDC Study Day: (Pages 8 - 9)
NEW - Lepinox Plus: A new Bacillus thuringiensis product will be launched in the Spring.

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Spring 2013:

3 years on and Met52 is going from strength to strength, read growers experiences using this product. Cantelo Nurseries in Somerset tell us why they rely on AQ10 for use in their organic cucumber and pepper crops in their fight against powdery mildew control.  T34 – Now on Annexe 1, first fully registered Trichoderma strain shows great promise after its introduction last year.  Pergado Uni, new fungicide for downy mildew control.

New CTI container designs available for this season. Mardenkro explain why grower Kaay Greenhouses UK used ReduFuse in their ultra modern greenhouses at Thanet Earth in 2012 and will be continuing with its use in 2013.

Grosouth 2012, both exhibitors and growers comment on a successful and important local show, and why they will be attending again this year.

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Spring 2012:

Articles on: Ongoing developments with MET52. New cutting edge biofungicide T34 hits the marketplace for use on Fusarium oxysporum on Dianthus together with AQ10 the new powdery mildew control for a wide range of edible crops.

Plant Growth Regulators Bonzi and Pirouette, plus Chess, Conserve and Dynamec.

Page 7 features on our Fargro office sales staff.

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Autumn 2011:

Recent developments with Biopesticides by Joshua Burnstone, Fargro’s Technical Officer.

Fargro are Gold Sponsors of GroSouth 2011. See up-to-date list of exhibitors, plus comments from both growers and exhibitors alike about why this show is a must for them. A Profile of John Summer’s on Tref Substrates. Read about growers using Tref products. New exciting products from our Requisites Division for 2011/2012 season.

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Spring 2011:

Articles on: Fargro launch new bio pesticide Met52 into the UK market.

Full details on both products are included. Serenade ASO – comments from leading fruit agronomists. Opperman Plants comment on their use of Serenade ASO on trials of Primula Obconia. Serenade ASO and SB Plant Invigorator combined for control of Botrytis and powdery mildew.Fargro appointed exclusive agents for Rhizopon Rooting Hormones.

Article on ULV techniques and its importance in horticulture. Use of Dynafog Tornado at Koyoto Bonsai Ltd. Fargro’s Energy Division, we can help you reduce your costs.

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Winter 2010:

Articles on: Serenade ASO - report on a September visit by representatives of the manufacturer to soft fruit growers to review the first season's performance, comments about activity against Botrytis, mildew and Cladosporium; grower and crop consultant comment about prevention of Botrytis, powdery mildew, Rhizoctonia and downy mildew on ornamentals; grower comments about use on herb crops.

Compost Tea and fungus dominated humic compost - notes on a recent IPPS meeting at Wyevale Nurseries. Grower comments on Compost Tea, Subdue, SB Plant Invigorator and DiPel DF. New containers and baskets for 2010.

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Summer 2009:

Articles on: Botrytis control using Serenade ASO. Control of Western Flower Thrips (Frankliniella occidentalis) - chemical options Dynamec, Conserve; biological options - Amblyseius cucumeris, Nemasys, Orius and Hypoaspis; Use of Thripline AMS.

Braam paper pots Preforma plugs. Borneo a new acaricide. Greenhouse shading and cleaning. Chikara a new broad spectrum herbicide. New containers and baskets.

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Spring 2009:

Articles on: Serenade ASO - the UK's first PSD approved foliar biofungicide for Botrytis.

DiPel DF - comments from an organic top fruit grower.

SB Plant Invigorator goes from strength to strength.

Fogging and ULV options.

Fargro's Essex office expansion to the east of England. Fargro's energy department. New containers and baskets for 2009.

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Articles on: Integrated pest management for interior atriums and office plants. SB Plant Invigorator. Spider mite, aphid, mealybug, scale insect and thrip control. Switch - new fungicide and grower testimonial on the use on ornamentals. Control of thrips on cucumbers with Dynamec and Conserve. Plant growth regulators Pirouette, Bonzi, Dazide ENHANCE and Fargro Chlormequat. Compost Tea - latest developments and use on field crops. Compost Tea and use at Evesham Vale Propagators. New ranges of pots and hanging baskets for 2008.
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Articles on: Subdue - what growers have to say, Fargro Energy, Fargro's new range of baskets for 2008.
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Articles on: Dazide ENHANCE - what growers have to say, The use of Tex-R root pruning fabric in 'Instant Hedge' production, SB Plant Invigorator - grower comments, Tref Top Control, Fargro Water Carriers, Reimann's Capillary Matting - Vivaplus 3 for hardy ornamental nursery stock, Floraplus 3 for bedding and pot plants, Compost Tea - discussion on its merits, The Fargro Single Six Biodegradable Tray and The Rice Husk Net Pot.
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Articles on: Contans WG the new biological fungicide for Sclerotinia, Tex-R Sandbed Cover - grower experience, Subdue - grower experience and developments in Fargro biodegradable pots.
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Articles on: Fargro's' new website, Fargro outreach to Plymouth University, Tex-R SP9 release as Tex-R Sandbed Cover, Reciclean - grower experience, Fogging and ULV (Aerosol) applications.
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Articles on: Subdue - product launch, Dazide ENHANCE - grower experience, Compost Tea - grower experience.
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