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Phytophthora crown rot. Subdue is a systemic fungicide with protective and curative activity for the control of Pythium spp. and Phytophthora spp. (root rot diseases) in outdoor and protected ornamental crops and flower bulbs. Subdue is to be applied as a drench or incorporated into soil or growing media.

Subdue is a soluble liquid containing 465.2g/l (44.7%w/w) metalaxyl-M.

MAPP No:12503
Formulation Type:Soluble concentrate
FRAC Code:4 FRAC Website
Control:A systemic phenylamide fungicide with protective and curative activity. Pythium spp. and Phytopthora spp.
Crops:Outdoor and protected ornamental crops and flower bulbs
Application Method:Growing media incorporation, drench or high volume spray (followed by overhead irrigation)
Application Rate:Variable depending on crop and or situation

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•  Extensions of Authorisation (EAMU) / SOLA
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Subdue® is a registered trade mark of a Syngenta group company | 06/08/14
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