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Plants in modules Proplant is a semi-systemic fungicide with protective action against Pythium spp., Phytophthora spp. , (root rot diseases) and Peronospora parasitica (downy mildew).

Proplant is a soluble concentrate containing 722 g/l (62.9% w/w) propamocarb hydrochloride.

MAPP No:15422 (PCS 03994)
Formulation Type:Soluble concentrate
FRAC Code:28 FRAC Website
Control:Pythium spp, Phytophthora spp, and Peronospora parasitica
Crops:Protected: broccoli/calabrese, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower
Application Method:Drench
Application Rate:5 ml / m2

More information:

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•  Safety data sheet for Proplant
•  Extensions of Authorisation (EAMU) / SOLA
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Proplant is a trade mark of Agriphar S.A. | 08/07/13
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