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Liverwort, moss and algae on nursery stock Mosskade is a 100% natural agent against liverwort, moss and algae.

Mosskade contains plant derived starch, proteins, oils, lactic acid and water.

Ingredients:Plant derived starch, proteins, oils, lactic acid and water
Control:Liverwort, moss and algae
Situation:Nurseries, landscaping and domestic situations
Application Method:Spray
Application Rate:1 part to 7 10 parts of water

More information:

•  Product Manual for Mosskade
•  Leaflet on Mosskade
•  Safety data sheet for Mosskade
Mosskade pack
Fargro CodePack Size
MOSS11 lt
MOSS55 lt
MOSS1010 lt
Mosskade® is a registered trade mark of Hortipro BV | 01/09/14
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