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Isonet T

Tuta damage on tomato Isonet T is a specific insect pheromone attractant for mating disruption and reduction of damage caused by Tuta absoluta in tomato, pepper and aubergine.

Isonet T is a vapour releasing product containing 60 mg/dispenser of the pheromone blend (E,Z,Z),- 3,8,11-tetradecatrien-1-yl acetate + (E,Z),- 3,8-tetradecadien-1-yl acetate.

MAPP No:17929
Formulation Type:Slow release dispensers
IRAC Code:Not applicable
Control:A semiochemical attractant for mating disruption of Tuta absoluta
Crops:Greenhouse tomato, pepper and aubergine crops.
Application Method:Append the ready to use dispensers evenly through the crop.
Application Rate: 800 to 1000 dispensers per hectare.

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Isonet® T - new product

A new approved mating disruption system to assist in the control of the South American tomato moth Tuta absoluta on greenhouse tomato, pepper and auberbine.
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Isonet® is a registered trade mark of Shin-Etsu Chemical Co | 25/01/2017
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