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Imidasect 5GR

Container plants under protection Imidasect is a systemic insecticide for incorporation into growing media used in the production of protected container-grown ornamental plants and protected container-grown hardy nursery stock, for the control of aphid, whitefly, sciarid flies and vine weevil.

Imidasect 5GR is a granular insecticide containing 50g/kg imidacloprid.

MAPP No:16746 (PCS 04676)
Formulation Type:Granules
IRAC Code:4A IRAC Website
Control:A systemic and protectant insecticide for control of aphid, whitefly, sciarid flies and vine weevil.
Crops:Protected container-grown ornamental plants and protected container grown hardy ornamental nursery stock.
Application Method:Incorporate into growing media.
Application Rate: 280 g / m3 growing media.

More information:

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Imidasect 5GR pack
Fargro CodePack Size
IMID1010 kg

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Imidisect 5GR new approval

Imidasect 5GR has been re-registered and the restriction to use only in peat based growing medium has been lifted.

Imidisect 5GR announcement

Following EC restrictions on neonicotinoid insecticides Fargro are pleased to announce that Imidasect 5GR continues with some changes to the product label effective on new sales from 1st October 2013.
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Imidasect 5GR - new product.

A new granular insecticide for incorporation into compost of protected ornamentals for control of sciarid, vine weevil and some foliar pests.
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Imidasect® is a registered trade mark of Sharda Europe B.V.B.A. | 31/09/13
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