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GS-4 horticultural Glass Cleaner

GS-4 is a glass cleaner suitable for glass greenhouses. GS-4 contains no hydrogen fluoride gas and has virtually no vapour effect. This is why GS-4 is safer for humans and the environment.

Contains ammonium hydrogen difluoride. Subject to the poisons rules.

Application Method:Spray evenly on the glass. Rinse off after 10 minutes. Do not allow to dry on the glass.
Application Rate:Dilute 1 l in between 5 and 20 l of water depending on the dirtiness of the glass.
Comment:Subject to the Poisons Act 1972 and Poisons Rules 1982.

More information:

•  Product Manual for GS-4
•  Leaflet for GS-4
•  Safety data sheet for GS-4
GS-4 pack
Fargro CodePack Size
GS425 l

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GS-4 is a registered trade mark of Mardenkro BV. | 23/07/13
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