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Thrips larvae Conserve is a selective insecticide for the control of western flower thrip (WFT) (Frankiniella occidentalis) in protected ornamental plant production and protected crops of cucumber, tomato, pepper and aubergine.
Conserve contains spinosad, an active ingredient derived from the biological fermentation of a naturally occuring soil bacteria Saccharopolyspora spinosa.
Conserve can be used as part of an integrated pest management programme.

Conserve is a suspension concentrate containing 120 g/l (11.6% w/w) spinosad.

MAPP No:12058 (PCS 03728)
Formulation Type:Suspension concentrate
IRAC Code:5 IRAC Website
Harvest Interval:Cucumbers, tomato, pepper, aubergine: 3 days
Control:Western flower thrips
Crops:Protected ornamental plant production, protected cucumbers, protected tomatoes, protected pepper and protected aubergine.
Application Method:Foliar spray
Application Rate:75 ml / 100 l for protected ornamental plant production, 80 ml / 100 l for cucumbers, tomato, pepper and aubergine.

More information:

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•  Extensions of Authorisation (EAMU) / SOLA
Conserve pack
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CON1 l

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The insecticide Conserve gains approval for use on tomatoes, aubergines and peppers. These new crops join cucumbers and ornamentals on the product label.
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Conserve is a trade mark of Dow AgroSciences LLC | 23/07/13
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