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MENNO Florades

MENNO Florades is a disinfectant approved as a plant protection product (pesticide) for horticulture. Effective broad spectrum of activity against plant disease causing fungi, bacteria, viruses and viroids. Approved for disease control before during and after non-edible crop production and its storage in protected situations (glasshouses, polytunnels stores).

MENNO Florades contains 90g/l (9%w/w benzoic acid).

MAPP No:13985
Control:A disinfectant approved under the plant protection regulations. Approved for control of a wide range of plant diseases including virus, viroid, fungi and bacteria.
Crops:For use before, during and after non-edible crop production and storage.
Application Method:Dip, soak or water on.
Application Rate:10 - 40 ml / 1 l water depending on disease and surface type.
Comment:Can be applied through the Menno disinfectant applicator as a foam

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•  Product Manual for MENNO Florades
•  Technical Notes for MENNO Florades
•  Safety data sheet for MENNO Florades
MENNO Florades pack
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MENNO1010 l

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MENNO Florades

MENNO Florades, a special disinfectant widely used in European horticulture is released as the first approved plant protection disinfectant in the UK.
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MENNO Florades® is a registered trade marks of a MENNO Chemie GMBH. MENNO Florades is patented, patent number EP 1124415. | 23/07/13
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