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Disinfectants, Sterilants & Cleaners:

Unless otherwise indicated these products are for professional use only; operators must have had training and be suitably qualified to use them. Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Algaeclear Pro

Surface biocide against algae, moss lichen and liverwort.

All Clear Extra

A liquid sprayer cleaner to remove pesticide deposits and other debris from tanks, booms, hoses, filters and nozzles.


Chemical sterilant for soils. Kills weeds, soil borne insects and diseases.
Supplied by Fargro and its national distributors

GS-4 Horticultural Glass Cleaner

GS-4 is a glass cleaner suitable for glass greenhouses, contains no hydrogen fluoride gas and has virtually no vapour effect and therefore is safer for humans and the environment.


A farm disinfectant for use with all livestock species. Broad spectrum of activity against spores, bacteria, fungi and viral organisms.

Jet 5

A biocide for sterilising surfaces.

Jeyes Fluid

Multi-purpose disinfectant for outdoor cleaning. Manufacturer’s recommendations include cleaning greenhouses, equine and on the farm.

MMC - Pro

Control for mold, algae and moss.
Supplied by Fargro and its national distributors

MENNO Florades

MENNO Florades is a disinfectant approved as a plant protection product (pesticide) for horticulture.

Effective broad spectrum of activity against plant disease causing fungi, bacteria, viruses and viroids.

Nomix Universal Cleaner

A ready to use cleaner for use only with Nomix CDA herbicide applicators / lances.


Glass cleaning solution to remove algae, dirt, soot, sticky sap, grease, soils, and residues from glass surfaced. Solvent and caustic free.

Virkon S

A broad spectrum disinfectant ideal for livestock housing.